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We welcome you to visit the following resources and food-related sites of interest:

  • Common Ground
    This network aims to support community gardens throughout Kalamazoo County, with a special emphasis on those that serve low-income and food-insecure residents.

  • Good Food Kalamazoo 
    A growing coalition of individuals and organizations working toward a healthy local food system in Kalamazoo County. Inspired by the Michigan Good Food Charter.

  • Tiller's International Harvest Fest
    A celebration of local food, local farming and sustainable living. Featuring speakers, demonstrations, exhibitors, music, food and family activities, it's a regional happening!

  • Michigan Organic Food & Farm Alliance
    One of Michigan's oldest organizations working toward organic, sustainable and local agriculture in our state.

  • Local Harvest
    Use this site to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.

  • Eat Local SW Michigan Yahoo Group
    A virtual meeting place for people in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana to find sources of local foods - and share tales of how eating locally is changing their life, health, and community.

  • Mapping Local Food Webs Toolkit
    Mapping your local 'food web' - the connections between producers, retailers and consumers - will highlight its importance for your local economy, landscape and community.

  • Buy Local Kalamazoo
    Find local independent businesses to support!

  • Real Time Farms
    Find out where your food comes from with this crowd-sourced nationwide food guide.

    BALLE's mission is to catalyze, strengthen and connect networks of locally owned independent businesses dedicated to building strong Local Living Economies.

  • Michigan Good Food Network
    Michigan Good Food Network aims to promote policy changes that will advance "good food" in Michigan - food that is healthy, green, fair and affordable.

  • Good Food Battle Creek
    Good Food BC is a group of organizations and individuals who work together to promote healthy food choices through education, support of local producers, and create access to good food for all people.

  • Fair Food Network
    Fair Food Network is a national nonprofit pioneering solutions that support farmers, strengthen local economies, and increase access to healthy food—especially in our most underserved communities.

    Eliminating Racism And Claiming Celebrating Equality
  • Can-Do Kitchen
    A commercial kitchen and business incubation for small food businesses.
  • Growing Matters Garden
    Kids get their hands dirty and learn a lot with our educational gardening project.

To donate to the Can-Do Kitchen, please visit their new website!

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