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About Fair Food Matters

Fair Food Matters was founded in 2001 because the people of our community deserve information that helps us make good choices about how we feed ourselves. Today we are forging new community relationships as well as expanding our message and our programs.

Our mission: To improve access to healthy, local food by educating, connecting, and empowering the Kalamazoo community.

Our vision: We envision thriving communities growing and distributing safe, nutritious, locally produced foods that foster healthy communities, environments, and economies.

Our board: The following people are currently guiding Fair Food Matters in its mission and vision:

  • Fernando Ospina, Chair
  • Melody Daacon, Vice Chair
  • Grant Fletcher, Treasurer
  • Aliisa Lahti, Secretary
  • Jo Ann Mundy, Director
Our staff: The following people are working to realize the vision of Fair Food Matters:
  • Heather Crull, Program Manager - heather(at)fairfoodmatters.org
  • Lucy Dilley, Program Manager - lucy(at)fairfoodmatters.org
  • Sheena Foster, Kitchen Coordinator - kitchen(at)fairfoodmatters.org

  • Can-Do Kitchen
    A commercial kitchen and business incubation for small food businesses.
  • Growing Matters Garden
    Kids get their hands dirty and learn a lot with our educational gardening project.

To donate to the Can-Do Kitchen, please visit their new website!

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